Project Description

A website with both beauty and brains

When it comes to buying a vehicle in Botswana, you’re not going to get better service than from NTT Nissan Botswana’s well-trained, respectful and knowledgeable staff. The challenge for the team at The Website Engineer was build a website to match. First, we were asked to create a website that conformed to the latest design principles and trends, was simple to use, and presented a large amount of content in a way that was easy to digest and compelling for potential customers. Second, NTT Nissan insisted on a high degree of technical sophistication – including mobile readiness and integration with modern tools such as XML Feeds, Google Analytics and Google AdWords – to help them improve lead generation and tracking through their website. Needless to say, this was exactly the kind of project we love to tackle.

The keys to the content kingdom

Content isn’t just about great words, images and videos – it’s about presentation, and that’s where we come in. NTT Nissan Botswana had the content, but needed an effective and simple way to manage it and present it to their online visitors. So we got to work using our experience in designing for other vehicle retailers and e-commerce platforms to create a fast, simple way for NTT Nissan to manage their vehicle inventory, dealerships and other information. The result is that their content doesn’t just look better, it’s even easier to add to their website, empowering NTT with greater freedom and control over their online presence.

Boosting lead generation with effective techniques

Lead generation was top of mind for NTT Nissan when they began the project, so in addition to adding analytics and other advanced functionality, we created custom contact forms for different customer requirements, such as service bookings, test drive bookings and general enquiries. We reinforced booking accessibility by making these links omnipresent across the site in the header and footer sections of every page, and by promoting them using interactive icons where appropriate. The result? Inbound leads through their website are already up…